About Akasha

How nice to have you visit our ecovillage.

Ecovillage Akasha is still in the start-up phase. On this site we will organise our dreams and plans and present them to the world. And perhaps there are people who have a similar dream and want to look if all these dreams fit together in the same ecovillage.

There exists an education which treats all ins and outs of starting, building and living in an ecovillage. This is the EDE, the Ecovillage Design Education. In order not to overlook anything, the same structure as the education programme is being kept on this site, the sustainability wheel.

You can find explanations and examples on the site for the various topics and the vision of ecovillage Akasha on these topics. We want to use knowledge, insights and experiences from all ecovillages AND indicate how we view these ourselves.

Our biggest dream is to find fellow travellers to who our ideas appeal. Fellow travellers who are open for a new adventure: starting an ecovillage!

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